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No drawings.Cirussel. The second photo shows sac fully filled but without seat cushion install. Remember its now filling vertically.
The aim was to ensure that when the Fat Sac filled, it filled "vertically" within the seat footprint instead of filling flat (like a fat slug which looked C**P and blocked walk space between engine cover and seat) also deforming and pushing out the MC 4" seat kicker board.

When installed (less than a minute), the seat cushion still sits on the standard MC SS side grab handles in sundeck position and therefore is still level with the rear deck.
The existing seat rail under seat sits forward of the new panel thereby retaining/trapping the top edge of the new retaining/fascia board. The gaps under the MC SS side grab handles still allow the rubber bungees to be attached to seat fasteners locking the seat cushion (sac compartment top) and the new fascia board in place (compartment front). The MC seat kicker panel fits in one of the side compartments

When installed the Fatsac is completely hidden, the sundeck/seat can be used and there is still a clear walkway around rear of engine (exactly the same as when seat in seat position).

Another feature is the new fabricated sloping bottom panel that the sac sits on ensuring that the Fatsac completely empties. It slopes and drains towards the pump empty pipe on the starboard sides. The two cut outs in the bottom panel are to allow the pipe connections ( two inlet/one outlet to sit against the floor of the boat and not compressed into the sac.

As my daughters each specialize (one slalom, one wakeboard) I am regularly filling and emptying sac. This modification has improved emptying time and I get much less of the pump running air waiting for the water to drain. Needless to say I dont assemble and disassemble the new container when I fill and empty. However, if I need the rear seat, the new front fascia panel slides between drivers seat and side of boat. Also the empty sac still compresses enough for seat to go down fully into MC position without removing the sloping bottom panel.

So bottom line loads of upsides- no down sides. In terms of fabrication, I just made cardboard templates and then cut in marine ply. Used marine wood glue/brass screws and the covered in a matching marine carpet. Then made and X7 stencil and sprayed the logo/decal with gloss paint.

Hope this helps

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