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Thanks for the replies guys. I think I want to do my own fuel system, I could replce the whole modlue with the original but from that fuelpump101 link bturner2 posted, it looks like the original system has problems anyway. So if I just get the right in tank fuel pump I should be able to connect is straight to the regulator and it would work ok.

Do you know the correct ratings I need for the pump, from what I have found I think it is 45 GPH at 95psi? Can anyone confirm that.

On another note, becuase I didn' trust the ****ty plastic filter and was worried about moisture in the tank that I might not have been able to get out, I put an inline Racor filter and water seperator. I have since read this might cause problems with getting air in a fuel injected system, I can't see how this would happen but your opinions would be appreciated.
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