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Originally Posted by JohnE View Post
It's all dependent upon what is prevalent in your area. Block would be double what poured costs in my area. Your last house reminds me of the old days. Here in MA the carpenter would form the entire house using forms made on the site. They used 2 x stock and 1 x 8 rough sawn. Then 100% of the material was used to build the house. The 2 x's for framing and the rough sawn was used as subfloor with the concrete stained side down.
If I was doing a finished basement in a rustic looking house I would totally use random planks for forms and then stain and seal the concrete to make a finished product out of it in a bar/pool room.
Yeah, used all the 2x4s up in the framing afterwards (inside wall plates and misc stuff) as well.
I was bein' green and didn't even know it!
Actually it was just the most economical route. I may not have gotten the best prices on poured fdn or block walls since I knew almost no one in the area when I did the house and the biggest local home builder/lumber yard didn't get the job after they told my parents it would be an 18+ month project to build the house.
They didn't even want to sell me any materials at first unless I sole sourced to them until I sat down with the owner one day, explained the situation and asked him if he would like potentially a little profit from my house or none at all. He decided something was better than nothing and we got along fabulously after that. (I think I was the first person in quite some time to shop the 2 lumber yards in town against each other for every order.)
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