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Originally Posted by pmkkdx View Post
I just got a chance of a lifetime dropped in my lap this morning ... my bro in law leases out about 50,000+/- acres low fence free range up in the TX panhandle and then subleases out and guides hunters for high $$$ for monster TX whitetails & Muleys (b/c 160"<). The first couple of weeks of season were extremely hot and not all the hunters took a deer, leaving a couple of whitetail tags open that he offered for my son, son in law and I to go up and hunt between Christmas & New Years for free in exchange for us helping him load and haul stuff back. I have always wanted to hunt up there for a wall hanger monster but couldn't justify the $$$ with all my other hobbies (and my current central TX lease). I am stoked if we can get the group planned out around the other activities during the holidays...
Been a good year up here in the panhandle. I'm from Amarillo. Where will you be hunting? The only bad thing is a lot of the bucks racks are already broken up. Good luck!

Here are the two bucks I took in the eastern panhandle this year.
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