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Originally Posted by SkiDaddy View Post
I think you know, but just in case, remember that the zerk (grease) fitting that goes into the steering cable/tube needs to not have the internal check valve. That is so that extra grease can be released and be expeled via the zerk. Otherwise, your steering can be very, very tight or even locked up. A normal zerk fitting will cause you problems at that location.

Good luck - let us know how the steering feels. You know, before/after, etc.

This is very interesting. Bought my 91 in Jan 04. In the process of giving it the once over before my first season I stumbled across the zerk on the steering cable tube. Saw it was missing the check valve. Looked high and low for a replacement zerk. It's very small, 3mm or something like that. I even called a dealer. Told them which zerk it was and why I wanted to replace it. They never mentioned anything about it being by design. I eventually tapped it out and put another zerk in there with a check valve.

Also changed steering cable and cleaned out that tube. Haven't had any trouble. When I grease it I wipe everything down several times as I move the rudder back and forth slowly to ease excess grease out. My steering is actually very nice but of course now I'll be aware of it and MCOCD will begin to eat the brain. Guess if it comes to it I can pop the bearing out of the valve.
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