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I'm not an expert on the 04 as I have not owned an 04 but based on what you have it would appear you have an "in tank" fuel system like the current model boats. The pump you ordered from SKIDIM would appear to be the external pump that was mounted on the front of the engine block. I had this set up on my 95 Maristar. The general condition of that fuel assembly would tend to make me want to replace it completely but then again I get nervous with fuel systems in boats having experienced a fuel related fire while on a boat.

If you indeed have the in tank fuel system there's a great tread on this site called Fuel Pump 101

that I would highly recommend for anyone looking to work on this fuel system. A quick skim of the tread resulted in mention of systems from 05 and 06 but I didn't see any mention of an 04 in there. Depending on which system you actually have you may be able to source the correct parts from several sources. Skidim is good but you may be able to find a better deal from an Ebay source such as Great Lakes Skipper that buys up over stock items. Anyway you look at it, it would appear you have a bit more research to do if you want to put everything back to stock and like new condition.
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