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Thanks mikeg205, that is the part I need, but I already have the pump, I just need the rest of the module bits that are inside the tank. The pump is the most expensive part so I was hoping I could get the other bits seperately, even from an old boat somewhere. If I can't find them, then I guess I will have to buy the module and keep the other pump as a spare, but it ain't cheap!

Snork, the rust must have come from condensation in the tank, the previous owners had it sitting outside for a few years before they sold it to me, I have cleaned it up now but it has been a mission. The vinyl was all cracked and moldy and the engine was rusty with parts corroded. I live in Thailand and there arn't many available and certainly not in my price range, so I bought it cheap and have been slowly fixing it up over the last 2 years, but pretty sure the pump is lacking power, it struggles with weight in it and I can't get over 30mph.

Do you know if I can get the connectors for the actual fuel pump from a car parts store? The connections are all metric over here so nothing fits, I could probably knock something up if I could get the fuel hose attached and the female 12v connector to the pump.

Thanks for the replies
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