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Indmar fuel pump fittings

I have recently purchased a 2004 Mastercraft X Star with 5.7L Indmar MCX engine.

The previous owners have made quite a few changes to the boat and I am trying to restore it to it's original set up. The fuel system had been ripped apart so I am trying to get the original pump back in.

I have already purchased this Indmar fuel pump:

Unfortuantely I can't fit the pump in because the wiring harness and fule line connectors have been changed. The plastic hanger that holds the pump has also gone. Really I need all the parts below the stainless steel plate, apart from the pump.

This is what the fuel system should look like:

I have attached some pictures above of my current fuel system, and you will see it is a mess.

I have tried to contact, Skidim, Carter, Federal Mogual, Indmar and a few car accessorie shops and nobody seems to be able to help. Anyone got any idea where I can find all these parts?

Kind Regards

Jamie Sarsam
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