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Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
If the bend is at the tip of the shaft at the prop end, you are probably not going to be able to have it straightened close enough to the .002" run out tolerance that is recommended. I ran over something with my father in law's MC years ago, bent the prop and shaft up and investigated having it straightened. Contacted a company (in NC I believe) that another member had used to straighten a bent shaft, and when I told them where it was bent, they said it wasn't going to be something they could fix properly.

New shaft from skidim, refurbished prop, some glass work, and I was good to go.
It may be the case, but I still want to take it in to the shop and see what they say. I found some cheaper rebuild kits on summit. How do I know which one it is?

Here's a couple tools we made for removing/installing the prop shaft nut/hub:

Removed some material in the socket to make room for the radius on the nut.

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