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Originally Posted by walterlaughlin View Post

Mine is one of the 95s with the porpoising issue. I eventually will put a wake plate on it to fix that problem. I agree with the platform. I didn't think it would be a big problem, but it is smaller and a little tricky getting used to. Being recreational skiers, the wake is fine for us and I love the extra room. It doesn't handle like my old S&S or my 89 Prostar, but we needed the extra room. If I had to do it all over again, I would stay away from the integrated platform.
Hello, I have a 95 VRS Maristar that I picked up a few months ago. I noticed a couple people mention that they don't like the integrated swim platform - why is that? This is my first MC after owning 3 vintage v-drive boats, so this is my first boat with a platform. And a hand throttle, and a windshield, and cup holders, etc.[/quote]

After owning a 79 S&S with a fiberglass platform and an 87 with the teak platform, the integrated platform on my 95 is much smaller in width and length. When you pull yourself out of the water with the grab handle, your face is in the stern before you even have time to turn your body around. I don't let anyone put on their board or skis while on the platform (except me ) because they always bang the board into the sides of the hull which enclose the platform. Mastercraft did not seal the rubrail completely past the water line so I had to pull the carpet up and add some silicone on the inside of the leaked pretty bad.
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