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Originally Posted by tph View Post
Could I be so rude to ask how much that set you back? Please PM if you would rather not post here. Thanks.
I recently had Viper to do a 93 Prostar 190 for me. All new skins and carpet - $2,500. I'd rather have had the work done for a few hundred less but I was also wanting to get the work done (in lieu of me putting in the carpet) and move on. In talking with Viper Jim, he can be as flexible or rigid as he pleases. I got the impression from him that he prices work on the basis of work he has lined up and the need to get it done timely or not.

For an 85, in my opinion and from past information and knowledge from Viper, $1,500 - 1,800 for the 85 era interior. I have had countless number of this era boat, and skins should run no more than $1,600 in my opinion. There's not that much there to work. Carpet in an old school boat is easily re-done by the owner if you have time. Material is about $200.00. Remove the old carpet in tact and use it as a template to make the cuts in the new carpet. Done deal. Save about $300.00 in labor. Takes about half a day.

Another guy in the east TN area does good work but he is slow as Christmas coming, is to a five year old.

Viper did not lift my deck (where it sits on the floor ) and replace 100% of the carpet. They wedged new carpet under the deck and tucked the edges. They stopped at the driver's foot board and just beyond the (out of sight) passenger's seat. They did indeed remove the combing panels from the boat and re-carpeted up the sides. I noticed several cuts that were shaggy and lazy up around the foot panel and the kick panel that sits vertical beside the driver left leg. Very poor cuts. I'll end up taking that out and re-doing it myself. Also had to take the engine cover back off and put in vents they forgot to cut out.

I have taken my seats back to Viper (last week of November 2012) to have them re-stretch the skins to tighten up three places where the skins had creases in them from sagging in corners or curvatures; one on the engine cover, one on the rear seat, and one on the passenger seat. Waiting to get them back sometime in the next few weeks (hopefully).

$0.02 from my experience and results from this past September 2012 work from Viper.

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