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Originally Posted by MikeyOrange88 View Post
For what it's worth....
Changed my Tahoe oil/filter this past weekend, ended up with a Napa Silver filter as they didn't have a Wix for my application (not sure where the Napa branded filter lies in the quality scale or if it has the drainback feature). Also changed to 20W-50 oil. It helped, but didn't eliminate the noise issue. A bit strange, but now it starts and runs silently for about 30 seconds, then has 'the noise' for about a minute. It isn't as loud, nor for as long, as it was. Before, noise was apparent immediately upon startup. Sometimes I thought I had a diesel under the hood. Having an engine that is'full' of oil also probably helps as my rear main seal drips.
ORiely's should have a wix for just about any motor.

I'm glad you at least have some relief and indeed a change in the behavior of the tick. I would not give up complete hope on the filter oil combination. While it may not be a complete fix for everyone I have seen it work more then once.

I've also heard of people running half a quart of marvels mystery oil for a couple of oil changes as well.

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