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Originally Posted by Worthing skier View Post
Hi ,

the plugs came out without any problems , no internal rust on the threads or centre electrode , only on the outer part of the plugs which is to be expected .
Should get the starter back soon so I can crank it over to get a better Idea on it .
That is great news. I was thinking that the cylinder walls were rusted along with the rings and valves.

Here is what I would do

Take the Throttle Body off and pour about 1-2 quarts of transmission fluid down the intake and let it sit there for a few days. Then pull the plugs and crank her over and drain all of that nasty out. This is an old trick to get rid of carbon buildup. I dont think that you would want a piece of carbon or rust chunk from somewere bouncing around in the combustion chamber while it was running. That may cause problems. Flushing out the intake and top end with tranny fluid wont hurt a thing.

I found this trick out when I was a tech at a Caddy dealer. I took this car on a road test and was in a hurry. Friday at 5 and trying to finish up. Well I gased the rods out of the car and drove it like I was on a drag strip. Anyway a piece of carbon broke loose and got stuck somewhere in the combustion chamber. Told the shop manager that it just started making noise. I was 19 and he knew better. Told me how to fix it and it worked great. I was also told to be careful driving customers old peoples cars as they do not ever dust the cobwebs out of them and when you gas the rods this kind of thing can happen. Never got in trouble, just had to do some extra work for free.

In your case I would just do it for the reason that you do not know what the tops of the intake valves will look like without the intake removed. I would just do it as a precaution.

How does the oil look?
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