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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
Oh lord that throttle body looks bad.

Remove the entire throttle body from the intake and look into the intake. If it is real rusy in there then valves are probably going to need some work. The intake side will not burn off the rust like the exhaust side will.

I am scared to see what the rotating assembly and the cam look like.

I would almost say just yank the engine and drop a set of rings and bearings in it.

The parts that scare me would be the oil pump, valves, timing chain.

I am sure the crank could be resurfaced and the cam can be cleaned up. Rods and pistons should be ok.

I just would hate to waste time screwing with that engine trying to piece mill it to get it running and then find out that it needs to come out anyway.

You should be able to yank that engine in less than 3 hours.

Then you can take your time and do it right.

How were the plugs that were in there? If rusty then I would yank her
Hi ,

the plugs came out without any problems , no internal rust on the threads or centre electrode , only on the outer part of the plugs which is to be expected .
Should get the starter back soon so I can crank it over to get a better Idea on it .
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