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Originally Posted by XtwentyNot View Post
Decals will be fine. I put liquid dishwasher detergent in a bucket of water to clean compound out of all my buffing pads and power balls. A quick soak and a few dip and ring outs get them clean as new in a matter of minutes.
One thing not mentioned, I put a bonnet on my PC and use it to apply liquid wax as well. Really saves time and elbow grease.
Also, if you have a black car the PC is the only way to go. My makita has never touched my black cars. It leaves too much swirl behind. I get lots of compliments on how shiny and perfect the paint is on my old black suburban. It is in fact far from perfect but definitely a testament to how well the PC works.
Could you explain or post a picture of a "bonnet". In addition to my partly black boat I do have a black truck that I intend to use the PC on. Would you mind telling me what products you use on your black vehicle and also your boat. Will the same compounds work for both fiberglass and clearcoat paints?
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