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Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
1. It doesn't need thread tape.

2. The leak issue you have is very common. Basically, you have over tightened it. I don't remember what the torque specs are for that piece, but they approximate to "snugged up."

What happens is that when you over tighten the flared fitting, a/k/a the "little nut," it loosens the "big nut" on the carburetor fitting where it attaches. If you back off the little nut, you should be able to snug up the big nut. Then snug up the little nut, but don't over tighten it. This will likely fix your leak.

The big nut/little nut thing is my mechanic trying to explain this to me over the phone.

Here's a picture. I think this is what he meant.
Just to clarify things....

That ''big nut'' is the adapter fitting and the small nut is the flared fitting for the fuel line.
If someone needs to remove the fuel line, you need to use 2 wrenches, one to keep the adapter in place, the other to untighten the fuel line fitting.

When putting it back together, you need to tighten the adapter first, use a wrench to keep it from over-tightening while you tighten the fuel line fitting back on.

I hope this helps!
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