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The surface rust looks bad but will clean up. The risers can be removed and separated to replace the gasket inbeteeen the bottom part and top part. If you take them to a machine shop then they can toumble them in a toumbler or a bead blaster. When you get them back they will look brand new.

I'm concerned about the ECM

How is the oil. Is there water in it. If so I bet the bearings and all parts inside have rust on them. Change the oil with the cheapest oil you can find.

Transmission obviously was submerged fully. I would change the fluid and see what happens. Don't be discouraged if you rebuild that too.

Pull the old spark plugs and take a look. Are they rusty inside. If so there is an old trick that I would suggest that removes carbon build up that I would do if they are real rusty...... Put all rusty plugs back in. Pour a couple of quarts of trans fluid down the intake and just let it sit a few days (do not crank while trans fluid is being poured or while the fluid is in the combustion chambers). Then remove the plugs and turn over the engine several times a couple days later. Put new plugs in and crank it up. And let it run. It will run real bad until all the trans fluid burns out. Yes smoke is going to come out exhaust.

Then change oil again after you run it 30 min to an hour. I would do the same for the tranny.
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