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There are 2 kinds of tanks for the paintball world.. Compressed air/ nitrogen and co2.. All the high end markers use compressed air because co2 freezes.. Normal fields have both set ups anymore.. Compressed air is great because they use a high pressure compressor an it's "renewable" because its just compressed air.. The compressed tanks are 3000-4500 psi, where co2 works about 1800psi.. It's a huge world in the paintball world.. Biggest question is he going to be playing at a field 90% of the time or just a buddies house? If he is playing at a buddies house I'd stick with co2 because its easily found.. If he is goin to play at the field I'd recommend going and talking to the owner/ manager to see what they have avail etc.. I can explain more about it but its real hard in text. Let me know if you I need to explain more

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