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Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
Anecdotal, perhaps, but my 2005 prototype Monza was a blast to ski. At 7 years old, it's still fun for my wife to ride. Maybe the quality went down over the years, but my pointy tip monza with system 8 graphics is a great ski. I didn't find it terribly unforgiving either, although I definitely liked the MPD better.
The 2005 Monza was the best one.

I have skied on 05, 06, 07 mine, 08 and then swithched to A1, A2

After the 05 monza, HO tweaked the skis every year slightly.

If I had the 05-08 monzas tuned and ready to go the 05 would be my choice and I can guarantee that it would ski better. But NOT as good as the A1 or A2
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