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Live in W Lawrence but Perry mostly here.

I can be from door to storage to water at Clinton in 30min or Perry in 40min.
I guess I will share my secret among MC friends. Boated Clinton for 3 years then moved mostly to Perry the past 6yr.
Clinton is decent on mon-wed as long as there is not another tuber or pleasure runner tearing up the water and wind is out of the S or E (thurs-Sun is often some wally). Clinton is just a big bowl with more water hazards and lots of western KC famlies.
Perry has atleast 3 locations for every wind direction so it does not matter if there is someone else, just move to another spot.
Launch and recover is also easier at Perry than when the wind is blowing nasty into Clinton marina cove.

When not doing watersports, the Party is 10x better at Perry.
We did a tri lake run in one day last year and was reminded why I prefer Perry. Met family at Lake Shawnee in Topeka for the morning, then Clinton for the afternoon in Dead Fish (party cove). No one was rafted up, not much going on and several tubes tearing up the dam (just like I remember). Headed to Perry for 6pm and got the party going!

I am not opposed to Clinton during the week as a 2nd/3rd so pm me if interested next year.

Since there appears to be a lot of off season interest, I just announced our Perry "Cabin Fever" Party on FB for Feb 9th in Topeka after the Topeka Boat and Outdoor show for those having boat withdrawl. Over 150 attended last year as boaters pretty much take over the bar
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