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Originally Posted by bjames View Post
Thanks guys for your comments. I will attempt to answer some of your questions/comments.

I do plan on putting my under the bow sheild graphic I created for my X25, but in Charcole grey with white background. I wont install that untill spring.

Just behind the MC sheild there is the word "Star", its just hard to see. the effect I was going for is to have the sheild and "Star" quite dark to almost appear like a watermark image.

The X looks pink in the image, but its actually pro-tour red.

The idea of putting on a PWT wrap on a non PWT boat? so whats the big deal? its just a wrap. You can get the 2012 PWT wrap for the current X-star so it looks like you have the 2012 PWT star.
501s is correct, I like my boats to have 'comp' look to them - just my personal opinion. Vehicles on the other had, I perfer them stock. I coulnt find a PWT star for sale (seen one up close here in Edmonton), so I decided to make my own version, just cause I loved the graphics on it, and it was an easy fit for the boat I purchased, had it been a different color, the wrap would have ben different

Thanks for the compliment on the interior - this is one thing that I am super excited about. I was hoping to find a star with the mocha/beech interior, and now I got one.
I think it will look awesome. If you want to put on PWT graphics on then go ahead! It is your boat after all. Post up some pictures of her when it's all done.
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