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Originally Posted by snork View Post
indoor jetted tubs are a pita to keep hoses/lines clean of bacteria, dirty bath water sits in the lines and can become a huge problem
but then outdoors tubs are nasty too
Same here. I put a unit in our rental and have not heard of any problems since then. However, my wife is nervious about nasty lines, bacteria, etc so this time, we opted to just install a deep tub and exclude the jetted stuff. Cleaner, cheaper and lower maintenance.

With that said, if you do go jetted, you may need two separate power supplies brought to the tub. One for the jet motor and a second one for an in-line heater. For our rental, I ran 2-20A dedicated lines. For large volumes of water, you'll need a great water heater that can fill the whole thing up without running out. The in-line heater helps maintain that heat while the jets are going. Worth considering if you go this direction.

Also, look on Amazon too. It's just crazy some of the prices.... I got a cast iron Kohler tub with free shipping at a very good price. Try finding any name brand, cast iron tub at HD or Lowes....

I did get our two larger master tubs off of HD's website. Saved probably $500 per tub that way for some strange reason.
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