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I have a Jason brand in my 10 y/o home and it has been reliable. I have to say my son used it a lot when he was younger, us not so much. They are hard to clean and realy not very good when it comes to muscle massage. We put in a outdoor spa 60 days ago and yesterday was the first time I haven't gotten into it. So far superior to the jetted tubs.
Important!, If you do the large tub make sure you have a water heater that will fill it properly. I used a 75 gallon water heater at the time. Tankless may be an option as well. Inline heaters are also an option. We did not get one and it seems to work for our short soaks. Allthough, I stay in our new spa way longer because it is SO FAR SUPERIOR. Good Luck and don't cheap out, you get one chance to get it right.
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