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Actually, Mike, you’re a one time winner and probably a multiple time nominee. I should have won it back to back 2004 and 2005. However, when “someone” I wont mention any names lol (Kevin) wakeboarded into shore, that beat out me breaking the fin off my HO Phantom.

We have 2 repeat Winners – Bill (2) and Chuck (3). And we all know there are at least two other times Chuck should have won it and there was a conspiracy to cover it up – both involving his trailer.

This year we had a lot of nominees. One guy dinged a prop, one was injured most of the season for a jump injury, another injured himself repeatedly all season, another with a sprained ankle.

But top honors this year could not have been topped, I almost think it’s the best BSA award in my 10 years at MSC. Glenn, one of our founding fathers won it with another member for capsizing and sinking the portable ski jump at a public lake after a ski show.

I put a video slideshow that I played at the xmas party Saturday night, but I prefaced playing it with “If you made the video, please don’t be offended, this was all in fun...” LMAO

Notice that Tex is in it (see jumping off the bridge pics), my broken ski fin is in it, and the show ends with the ski jump recovery...
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