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Thanks all. I'm going to have to think about how to do this best for my engine/boat. Plus being a v-drive it is all so fun to get access to. A lot of the wires are inside plastic conduit so not to worry there I guess. But some trouble spots would be for example the fuel injectors and the short segments of exposed wiring running to them. Maybe wrap things I want to protect with some plastic wrap (aka saran wrap). I did spray a small piece of cloth and was applying by hand but this will not get to all the places I want to get to. I got three months to obsess over this during the "off season".

I have some silicone spray by PB Blaster but it is a pretty strong stream and if I were to use it I'm sure it would splash over everything. I have to see what is available at hardware, auto, etc stores. I seen some stuff by Permatex online; I should be able to find that local. I think I'll give that a shot next to see if it is a fine spray.

I guess I need to buy some of those long stick-ed cotton swabs as well to clean up any pooling in difficult to reach areas. And to think I use to make fun of my brother who cleans his motorcycle by dismantling it, cleaning each individual piece and re-assembling it.

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