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in response to people who don't understand why i and many others want a bigger wake my reasoning is this:
Is my wake holding me back and will a bigger wake help me land new tricks = i would say no, as phillip soven can do a whirly 5 behind a jetski. ( though a big wake will probably get you an extra 180 or so). So as many of you say you dont need a bigger wake to land new tricks i agree with you here. though it certainly helps. the main reason i and many others love as big of a wake as possible as it is a precursor to style. doing things bigger. getting the grab poked out for a touch longer. It certainly helps in this department. Also the feeling you get when going that extra bit higher in the air. I personally would have more fun doing stalefish grabs all day off a big double up than doing small 5's or inverts on a small wake. i dont even have to do a trick ( spins and inverts) off a BIG wake to have fun. and thats what wakeboarding is about for me. the feeling you get when gliding across the water and flying through the air. half the time i will rid a full set and not do anything more than grabs and 180's on a big wake and just enjoy the feeling of wakeboarding.
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