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Fair enough. And very nice pic. Just surprised you wouldn't have been able to find a x-25 to ride. I've ridden both the x-25(stock) and x-star(loaded) and they seemed to have the lip or kick your after. But for the fun your after you will need to load them up despite what some say on here. I could very easily live with either of their wakes loaded up! I'm still surprised you didn't like the Nautique wake being that also has a great lip and is more like hitting a curb in the older hull! I think for the most part it's a matter of physics in that it takes weight to make a wake. Some boats produce different shapes yes but it still takes ballast to grow a large fat wake that makes is all smile!

And so glad I have a fan/stalker. Awesome....

Btw: Here is that g23 pick I was talking about which made me wonder how u thought it small.Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1354983485.833347.jpg
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