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Originally Posted by Snipe View Post
Do you happen to know the height of the tank in my 98?
I have an access hole in the transom, I may be able to get that thing out without having to remove the tank.
No, but I repaired quite a few senders that worked for at least a few years after they were affected by the MTBE/ethanol in the gas.

Contact MC and give them your hull ID numbers- they'll be able to tell you the original part number for the sender and it can be cross-referenced. If you change to the new style, use the one that was sent as a generic replacement. The only difference in using that and the ones specific to each model is the length and it was the best way for dealers to avoid having to wait while the one they needed had to be shipped (paraphrasing Murphy's Law, "The part's you have in stock aren't the parts you'll need in an emergency"). A small pipe cutter (the kink used for copper plumbing) is cheap and an easy way to cut it to length.

If you search the thread archive, you may find the part number.
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