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So removed the alternator ,starter motor ,raw water pump ,main water pump and found all seized , again no surprises .

However as the starter motor was out I have put a pry bar on the ring gear to bell housing and the engine broke free , back on the crank and now turns over by hand , so 12 hrs of a good soaking in penetrating oil has done its job.

The alternator is a Lucas item and starter motor is not branded , do these items need to be marine type or can I use an automotive part .

Removed the heat exchanger and as advised it looks as if it has just slid down on its mounts , so no worries there .

Re the fuel system , I can only find 1 high pressure pump on the passenger side rear of the engine is the only pump it has , only looks like an sender unit in the tank .

Yes as could not believe how well the carpet came up , needs more work but I am sure it will not need to be replaced , this is a testament to the quality of the materials that MC use in building there boats .

So next step is to fit an new starter ,alternator and battery , drain the fuel system , change the oil ,turn the key and see what happens .

will keep you all posted

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