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Originally Posted by Nordicron View Post
Something in this thread doesn't smell right. Somehow you found time and someone willing to let you demo a G 23 but you couldn't find a demo of the x-25? And to call the wake of a SAN like a JetSki is ridiculous. After seeing the pics of ironj g23 wake on another forum no way anyone could call that tame.

Let's see some pics of your supposedly 4000 pound loaded VLX.
Somebody piss in your cheerios today, Nordicron??

I am pretty sure they were just inflating the statement to make a point. Chances are a VLX+4k is going to have a bigger wake than a SAN 210 with stock ballast. And how would you know what the local Ausie dealers have in stock??

You know what smells funnier?? I did a google search for Nordicron+Troll, and also did some post searches for your user name on PN, WW, and BuCrew, and was not surprised to see what I found. You run around these forums trolling and being negative about all kinds of different boats. Maybe 20% of the posts are not negative in nature, and I didnt find a single one with helpful info.....

Simmer down, and try to be usefull. Sure you are gonna disagree sometimes. However it seems like you just like to stir up the drama.
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