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Originally Posted by captain planet View Post
I don't care to get any dirt on him. In fact, I couldn't think less about him except on here where you won't let go about him. You have to admit it when a player you think is special isn't good enough for the 'big-boy league'. I knew Troy Smith wasn't going to amount to much in the NFL, you should have looked at teabags mechanics and been able to figure out the same thing about him.

Hahahaha, Elway couldn't handle it??? Seriously? That makes no sense since Elway went out and got the best QB ever to take over.

And my hatred for teabag started when they beat OSU. But it only continues because the freaking media can't get enough of trying to make an 'openly christian' kid a great QB in the NFL. Let's face it, he is a way below average in the NFL. Look at his numbers, they are horrible. The only reason we are even talking about him is because he is christian and the media won't let him go. There is a reason he is no longer in Denver, because the media was making him a huge distraction for that team. This will be his last season in New York and maybe the last in the NFL, because he isn't good enough to be a starter anywhere. All he brings to the table is a bunch of media with drool hanging from their mouths and a distraction for the starting QB.

There is hope though......he could go and play in Canada. It worked for Doug Flutie.
You need to have Lasik surgery on those old tired buckeyes of yours --- Because you can't comprehend what you're reading ---

My reference to Elway's ego getting rid of Tebow had nothing to do with playing in the NFL. It had everything to do with the fact that the entire state of Colorado had immortalized Tebow and poor Elway was left sucking his thumb!!!

Tell me how any QB's in the NFL that have taken a 1 & 4 team to a 8 & 1 team and made the playoffs??? Tebow just does it!!!

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