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Originally Posted by DeeeJay02 View Post
Ok Everyone,
I hope you all understand that I am trying to sell my boat and some of you think that making snub remarks about my listing, posting links to cheaper boats and implying that ill never sell it is not funny and not helping. I understand this is a public forum, but have some respect for me or any others trying to sell there boats, parts or equipment. Please, only positive comments and or interested inquiries only.

Thank You
Unfortunately that is the risk you run by posting here. Any negative comments are in poor taste. I've seen plenty listed that I think are priced high. Either they sell, price gets lowered, or they don't sell. It works itself out.

Originally Posted by DeeeJay02 View Post
Posted Here, trader, dealers (consignment). I had a bidding war.
Glad to hear you had a quick sale! Congrats. Please post pics of your order when you make all the decisions.
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