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Originally Posted by Jerseydave View Post
On steeper ramps (like ours) I put the trailer in deep so my suburban's tailpipe is just starting to blow bubbles, then I float it on and winch it the final 1-2 feet. I usually have someone in the back of the boat as I pull out to make sure it's centered between the guide poles. Most of the time it centers itself pretty well.
I am doing the exact same thing. Both ramps that I use are steep. The only way to do it is back in deep. I am not comfortable power loading and I refuse to do it because I have seen first hand in Michigan what it can do to the ramps.

I have also had the problem where the bow comes in and is not above the boat buddy or roller, due to the water level this year and the fact I ran out of ramp (thank you power loaders). This will sound kind of crazy, but its actually not that hard or straining. In this situation, i winch it right up to my bow roller, then i put on shoulder underneath the picklefork and gently lift it up over the roller as i winch it the rest of the way. Honestly, really easy even with my back issues.
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