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Originally Posted by CruisinGA View Post
Batteries suck.

If you were going to use it someplace where AC power was available and no batteries required, that would be cool
To me the idea would be to use it in those places that are hard to reach (no ac power) or where you're not supposed to be (at least not intended to be). If I can get there with a car or truck, I can have a boat there, or I can reach it with an extension cord, it doesn't seem that special to be riding there, and I'll go behind my boat for the longer ride. To my way of thinking the coolest aspect of a winch is that I can take something like this to a place where noone else has ever done something like this, and get in, get a quick couple runs, and get out, hopefully without anyone noticing what I'm up to. The idea of doing what noone has done is why I think it would be cool.
I went to Grand Valley State University near Grand Rapids, MI. I always loved to grab my skis and take the very short drops through the trees down the ravines, just because I could do it while everyone else is still studying in the dorms. It always felt like I was doing something the rest of the world was missing out on.
I used to feel that way about waterskiing in December in Wisconsin, but last Sunday Redline Watersports brought out a dozen or more people behind 2 new boats. Another customer of theirs was out in his X-Star (nice to see you Scott), and there was an early 90's ps190 out slalom skiing as well. I don't do this to be one of 100. I do this because everyone else has packed up and gone home leaving me a lake all to myself with not a wave on it that I didn't create. A city of 250,000 and I'm putting one over on all of them, you know? It makes getting out at this time of year much more "normal". I think of the winch as a possible way to do something all my own, which wont work if I need an extension cord, or if I can drive right up to it in my truck, and equally likely if I can fire up a gasoline powered engine and not offend anyone. I want to be able to take something like this to Crystal Lake near Rhinelander, or to Devil's Lake NW of Madison and be the only one who has ever ridden on these lakes, to go to DC and sneek into the pond where Forest Gump ran to Jenny through the water, and try to land an ollie 180, just because noone else will. Though I'm pretty sure that last one would get me arrested, and probably should. There are some lines you just don't cross.
For instance:
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