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Can a 1/2 do it? Yes
Will a HD do it better? YES!

My 240sc scales at 6600+ equipment + weekend travel gear for a holiday weekend.
I tow with a 2008 GMC 3500 single axle D-max - smooth and effortless towing, stopping and cornering. Trip from KC to Havasu over the mountains and many others was under control and FUN.

I have towed KC to Austin (very flat) with a buddy's 2007 F150 - acceptable but could feel the boat and cringed at the thought of wear on trans. (fortunately my buddy totals vehicles regularly)

Used my father's 2006 GMC 1500 5.2 in a pinch 100 mile tow. It towed "ok", not as well as the ford and I didnt like the pushing feel in corners.
I also originally towed with a 1994 Suburban 1500 which also would get pushed around and was a dog towing.

The sounds like the x45 will be almost 2k heavier with a full load of fuel etc.
The Toy will tow it but prob not like it. Take it easy and make sure the surge brakes work properly!
Be lined up before getting too far down the launch ramp, go SLOW. Quick stops will break traction and the dragging will begin
Have good tires, pick a dry lane and forget about pulling out on a holiday evening after hours of water and oil coat the ramp. Accept when the ramp is too wet and dont look like an azz. Request help for weight in the bed and keep a tow strap handy.

I predict you will try it for a year and be upgrading trucks.
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