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The older VLX needed a bunch of weight to put out a good wake and an X-25 doesn't need to add near as much weight to have a very comparable wake. I would say they are very similar wakes in terms of shape and consistency.

I don't know why people ask for wake pictures because when I am riding in the boat I still can't tell what the wake will feel like. The wake can change so much if you ride 5 feet farther back or change a 0.25 mph or shift someone around in the boat. So demo the boat how you are going to ride it and don't judge a boat off of a picture.

I am thinking about selling my X-star for a X-25 because it has a sold wake with much less ballast. The star has my favorite wake, but now that I am turning into a family boater instead of a hardcore rider, I hate to spend 30 - 45 mins filling extra ballast so I can take one set and then dump all the extra so my wife can ride.
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