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Well, just got back in from the site. After my rough start to the day I took a step back, re-grouped and let the boys with the big toys do the heavy lifting. The dozer showed up around 9am and I had another 40 ton of 1's and 2's on its way to the site as well as a load of ground ashpalt to help fill in. I was at my day job all day so by the time I got back to the site it was pouring rain and the slinger truck was just getting ready to leave the site but the drive repairs looked to be holding pretty nicely, so hopefully we have improved the situation enough.

Someone had asked about the excavator that was in one of the pics and yes, it was gone from the site. I tried the bucket myself out method but it was too far gone and not worth burying my truck as well. The dozer got it out and set it over to the side so I took the rear wheels off in the pouring rain, threw them in the bed of my truck nad brought them home. I spent some time cleaning them off and they are headed to the shop tomorrow to see what can be done or if new ones are in order.

So, in trying to find the bright side of the situation I think I have solved my need for premium fill. Given where our garage will be, we will have to put a considerable amount of fill inside to bring it up to grade.....the front wall will be 10 course of block and the back wall will be 7 course....yep, the garage sits in a valley right now. So, since I was going to have to get premium fill anyways, I think I now have it on site and will simply scrape it up and put it in there as we will be raising the level of the drive leading to the garage a considerable amount and I really don't want to bury $3k worth of material!

I will update more tomorrow if the rain ever stops!
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