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Originally Posted by davidstan View Post
My oe cover has been on for 3 yrs and no stains. I heard about this problem and think there was some bad matierial out there for a yr or 2. I have had the after market covers and most just create mildew but the oe does not under the exact same applications. FWIW
Does your boat have white vinyl? If so you're one of the only lucky ones. If it kinda looks white but isn't like paper white then it's a very light gray. My buddy has light gray on his 06 X15. Looks white until you park it next to mine and he has NO trouble. Leaves the boat on an open lift all summer with a OE MC cover, no issues.
My boat is garaged 350days a year and if mine even sees direct sunlight in the summer with the cover on for more than a couple hrs, the vinyl starts turning brown where the cover touches it.
It does fade out and gone though, back to white in less than a day on the water..............weird!

Maybe you're right on the bad vinyl. Not sure if I've seen the problem on 08's.
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