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This whole thread is full of mis used words.

A person can use the term "bumper" but lose my respect for their seamanship.

I also have not seen any examples of "pop up" cleats.
Pop up cleats are spring loaded and release with a button push or pressing on the cleat itself which then "pops" up.
Most cleats are simpler "pull up" cleats that are cheaper and require less fiberglass cutting.
Pay attention to the sub assembly as some pull ups can be require more extensive cutting.

While the pin cleats look petite and sexy they have drawbacks. First, inexperienced and "distracted " people may mis the hole and scratch/chip the gunwale
It takes almost as much work to install a pin or mushroom but they only perform a single function vs a regular cleat that can also serve as a mooring point. (one may consider a few layers of fiberglass reinforcement as the sides are not built up as strong as top sides and corners)
On top of all that, they are usually more expensive, especially the vanity MC logo.

Any of the above choices are probably better than the cheap and un reilable fender hangers.

Personally, I am a fan of the Big B style fender that can be raised higher and offer better protection than the eye style that hangs lower and takes up more space. The low freeboard fenders may have a limited advantage in pier dock applications where there is not as much solid side structure for the fender to contact and a greater chance of the boat slipping under.
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