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Originally Posted by 501s View Post
LOL what eagle says it what everyone says, yet there are almost NO pictures or videos available online as oppossed to say an X-star, CC SAN/G, Bu or Axis. I think that was what the OP wants and was the problem they were having. Of course people posting on TT will say how amazing it is but for a potential buyer, actual pictures and videos are more valuable.

Have you been here when all the X25 owners said that it doesn't need extra ballast?? If it doesn't need it, and we don't load it up, its going to be hard to get pictures.

Besides, I did post a video of a loaded X25 pulling a pro tournement.

I can tell you this- If you can't do, what you want to do, behind a stock X25........ then you need to forget about adding ballast, and work on your technique. (Unless you are at a pro level)
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