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Vintage T-shirts - CONFIRM ORDERS

Alright, I'm almost at a point where I can start collecting money!

I have an updated spreadsheet below that everyone ordering needs to look at. If you have any areas next to your username highlighted in RED, there are issues with your order! I have written notes to the far right explaining what needs to clarified. If you have any further questions about clarification, please post in the thread and I will clear things up. When you have determined what information I need, post it in this thread and I'll update the portion that needs to be fixed. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME, I don't have enough space in my inbox Post everything here, I will fix the issues.

Also, if you do not see US or CANADA next to what you'll owe on the attached spreadsheet, please tell me which part of the world you live in. If you don't live in either, or I have you incorrectly listed in the wrong country, please clarify that for me.

If you have nothing wrong with your order, but want to change something, now is the time. I want to make sure I have an accurate count of what I'm ordering so I can make sure all the shirts are in stock and will be available from the T-shirt company. Post in this thread that your order is correct, but you want to change something and tell me what you're changing. Please keep order changes to a minimum, it only slows down the process.

If you are unsure what colors are available, please see the links below:
Mens -
Ladies -
Youth Boys -
Youth Girls -


Adults - S-2XL
Kids - S-XL (T sizes unavailable)


Shirt - $16(+$2 for 2XL sizes)
US Shipping - $3.00 for first shirt, $2.00 per additional shirt.
Canadian Shipping - $1.00 for each envelope, plus whatever shipping costs to Canada. I haven't checked into this yet, but will this week. estimates about $7.50 for a 1.5lb envelope to Alberta, I'll get more specifics on this. Guessing it will be about $2 more per shirt. Update to follow.

Shirt prices have ink change charges built into them.
Shipping Charges include 1.00 for the envelope on first shirt, and an estimated cost on the weight of the package per shirt of $2.00 I can fit 3 shirts max per envelope. More than 3 shirts will require a second envelope. Second envelopes may also be required with larger sizes.

These are a Tri-Blend shirt to keep them vintage looking. This means these shirts are not 100% cotton, so if that's a problem please let me know and I'll take you off the list. If I forgot something I'll update this later.

I will post payment instructions once I have all orders fixed. Lets try to get these in this week!! I'll keep watching the thread during the week and updating the spreadsheet.
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