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Well....just got home after spending the afternoon at the site and it turned into the day from....well, I will let you fill in the blanks. I chose to do this project on a cost-plus basis since I am planning to do a lot of work myself and have others I know as subs, the bank just would not permit me to act as my own general so I had this was the second best approach.
Since it rained yesterday they were not able to get the concrete trucks close enough to the site to allow the guys to wheelbarrow the concrete, so we had to bring in a pumper trailer, which proceeded to get stuck. Good news is one of the concrete trucks pulled him out but I had to have another 60ton of 1's and 2's brought in to beef up the drive area by the garage so that the block truck would not sufer the same fate. Well, dump truck #1 pulled in and burried himself up to the axle and we spent 2 hours digging him out, snapped 2 of my tow chains before one of the other dump trucks was able to free him. So, I got ack to spreading the new stone with the skidder and manage to snap one the bolts on my tracks rendering it down.

So, tomorrow morning will begin at 5am with me taking the tracks off my skidder and spreading another 40+ ton of stone before the block truck and gravel slinger arrive.

Yeah, today was an expensive day and I can only hope it gets better.....lie to me and tell me it does!!! I will have a few more pics tomorrow.

As for the question regarding the location, it is in Richfield, OH.

Regarding the Meyer V plow, it is the new Meyer Super V2 and is 8.5 feet wide. This is by far the best plow I have ever run from Meyer and I love it. Very easy to work, the hydro's are not as fast as I'd like but it makes up for it in versatility and efficient use. If you have any question about it, just shoot me a pm and I will be happy to help.
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