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Ok, so this one is of me. Not a picture but a video so see the link below. I'm still a relative beginner and this is a clip of me while I was practicing switch riding. I was riding switch and I had just crossed the wake heel side going from port to starboard. As I'm taking it out into the flats a bit, I just start to do a surface 180 to return my stance to regular. Well, not too far into the surface 180 you can see I let my body come forward over the board (because I got laxed and stopped paying attention to my body position) and hence the water grabbed the leading edge. Needless to say this resulted in instantaneous face-plant. Hard - notice the big splash (or should I say splat). I just started to wear a helmet and this was the fall that convinced me that wearing a helmet does help. Although I felt like someone slammed me in the chest with a sledge hammer, my head felt fine. I got back up and rode some more. Taught me a good lesson in keeping good body position at all times. Like Shawn Murray says in his Detention 2012 wakeboarding instructional DVD - I got my face handed to me, big time.
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