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I helped kyle screw the windshield back in and I can personally attest to the fact that the stereo sounded kickass - with the speakers in the dash.


Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
So I've done more flip flopping around. In the last few pictures the windshield is on the boat but the front glass is not bolted down. I hated the stupid looking grills from the new JLaudio A2 speakers so I did some research and found that the grills that were on the JLaudio TR will fit the A2. So I took the stupid silver and black grills off and installed the black on black JL grills that I had in before.

I want to make a special thanks to Earmark in Lewisville Tx where I delt with Eric. He told me to buy the A2 vs the more expensive A3 speakers that I was dead set on. He gave me his reasoning and I followed his advice. The speakers are very loud but clear. I noticed a big difference between the old speakers vs the new ones. The new ones blow away what I had in there before. Much louder and much clearer.

Thanks again to Earmark in Lewisville.

They match very nice with the JL 7.7's that are in the cabin.
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