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Originally Posted by CruisinGA View Post
Pretty strong statement- I don't know the first thing about Kelly, what has he done?
He was the coach of the Cinicinnati Bearcats. He takes them to a conference championship, takes them to the biggest bowl game in school history, a BCS bowl against florida. notre lame fires their coach and goes after brian kelly. The catch is, kelly has to take the position immediately. So he takes it and abandons his team and his players for $$$$$$. He had seniors on that team that had given him 4 or in some cases 5 years of their lives to work to that point and he turns his back on them.

Kelly should have told notre lame, I'll take the position right after I finish this season with these boys, they deserve that. The school should have said, OK, that is fine.

If that conversation never happened, shame on kelly. If it did and he had to go or lose the job, shame on the school and shame on kelly. Either way the entire situation is void of any morals or dignity.

Sorry, that is completely unacceptable in my eyes and he gets zero respect from me for the way that situation was handled.
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