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I think you're going to have a very hard time finding someone that runs 4k in a 25... mainly because i don't think the boat can handle that much ballast. I also don't think you'll find many riders who want that much ballast - the X25 has an awesome stock wake. I've heard reports of people who have ridden the 25 with more and they say its just scary big.

I'm surprised that as a rider who wants to put 4k in your boat you think wake shots from the boat could suffice as evidence looking for a new boat. Take almost any inboard on the market and put 4k in it and it'll probably look huge from the boat. how fast your running, how far back you can ride, how the lip feels, what the transition is like, all will effect how the ride behind the boat is.

taken from the mouth of an x25 owner who has owned both an xstar and a 25... the wake on the xstar is better with weight. if you really arent afraid of putting 4k in your boat... 04-11 xstar is for you
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