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Well I should check the timing. I've got to buy a timing light though -- up until now have never owned something where I would need one. I do have an electronic ignition conversion. Not sure on the parts in the dizzy yet but the module says Crane Cams XR700 on it.

I'm inclined to not think it's fuel related b/c it's more like the starter did not have enough power to turn the engine over (which I know can happen if the timing is advanced to far -- again gotta check the timing). There is some corrosion on some of the cable ends, but doesn't look like a terrible amount.

It has new Autolite 24 plugs in it now (didn't when the incident occurred, but old plugs looked ok). Wires arrive tomorrow along with a new dizzy cap. Had to put off ordering a rotor since I don't know exactly how the inside of the dizzy was converted yet. I'll know when I replace the cap.
When it's running it seems to run just fine, all the way to 45 mph or so.
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