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Originally Posted by northof52 View Post
.....if you we're only to recommend one of those upgrades.....which would it be? I have a'90 prostar...and have been tossing the idea of the head upgrade
Cylinder heads alone are not worth doing.

I did all these engine mods (1989 TS190 351W 1:1) over the summer and from MY experience the best single mod for your money will be an acme cnc prop, you will gain hole shot and top end with just a prop change. While I gained about 400 rpm from the top end kit (aftermarket heads, roller rockers, intake manifold and camshaft) and had very good hole shot but was not any faster with the original OJ legend 13x13 4-blade. I was left feeling there was still more on the table, after the prop change, Acme #541 13x12 cnc 3-blade it had even more hole shot and was even faster ([email protected])
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