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Originally Posted by 501s View Post
Surprisingly it's hard to find pics of X-25 wakes especially heavily weighted.
Thing is, nobody, at any level, seems to want more than stock ballast for wakeboarding behind the X25.

I have two friends that are seriously good wakeboarders, and they have never asked for more. I do wonder what it would be like though. If my boat was set up to add weight evenly, i probably would have tried it. However my additional ballast is all on the port side for surfing. (It is all plumbed in, so it is not easy to move around.....)

It is not just that the wake is big.... it has serious kick.

The IWWF world cup was pulled by an X25.... They said it was an X-Star, but it was not. Judging by the wake size, I wouldnt think there was much weight in the boat, however, it is sunk in pretty good when it is stopped. I think they must have 2-3k on. Nonetheless, the wake was plenty good for these pros.... [email protected]:15.

Seems like I remember sombody saying that the pros requested a X25 for this tourny, but that may not have been the case. Although, I couldnt see them passing up the Xstar to tow it, unless there was a reason. I highly doubt the X25 has a better pro wake than the 2nd gen Xstar with 3k onboard though.... They must have just wanted to try something different.
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