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MC Info
I've called a couple of MC dealers. They don't know much about them because they are brand new and they have not seen any in person. In fact, I'd say we know more about them because of the info we've got from the manufacturer. I've had prices quoted from $124 to $104 for the MC versions. This is both the pin and receiver. There are 50 in stock at MC, so delivery is not an issue.

Of the total $124 price quote for MC, it's $71 for the pin with the mastercraft logo and $53 for the receiver. The other MC dealers had no idea that the one part was in fact two parts.

Phender Pro Info
For a flat $200 charge, Phender Pro will produce pins with our own choice of graphics. I had thought a single large star (like an S&S) would be both cool and not contravene any copyright or trademark. However we need to provide an order of 200 @$XX.XX each + the $200 design charge before they'd do the custom graphics. We have a number of boats interested, but I think we'll never get to 200 pins based on current interest.

So the group buy ones will have the Phender Pro logo in it. This is shown on their website and brochure). if we buy 200 they we can opt for no logo and just have plain polished stainless.

My boat is in storage a long way frmo here, so I did drop into my local MC today. After walking around the display boats, I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to install these in my X-14V without using the special tool: you need to be able to hold the inside nut while screwing the receiver from the outside. Here's what I found for fenders located:
1) in the rear. Enter through the storage compartment (easy).
2) in the middle in front of the tower - enter by removing the speaker (I think it will be easy)
3) in the front... by either removing the speaker or one of the seat side/ back cushions . The front certainly could be difficult.

There are a few wires and cables, and the mounting bracket for the tower that I'll have to work around, but it doesn't seem that bad. When I order, I won't order the special tool.

Longevity (click on the fender link)

I've looked and have not found any reviews, complaints or feedback on these clips anywhere. They seem to be relatively new to cobalt (2012?) . THere are a few competitors similar in principal, but they don't look nearly as nice and I wouldnt buy them.

Group Buy
We have almost enough for a group buy, so if you're interested, let me know via pm. I need one or two more boats.

2014 X-14V
2012 X-14V (gone)

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